We perform furniture of each kind of material in various finishing departments. We produce modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian, as well as traditional, rustic, Provencal and retro furniture. We use proven solutions and high quality products to guarantee long-term satisfaction with the product.

How does the cooperation look like?

  1. Make an appointment in our office in Piastów, Warsaw Str. 28 / C. We will talk about Your expectations and present our possible material and functional solutions.
  2. We will prepare our furniture design. If You buy furniture in our company, furniture design will be for free. We will help You to plan comfortable cabinets and household appliances, we will choose the worktop and accessories. If you already have the finished project, we will advise whether it will be functional and practical.
  3. When the project is ready we will prepare the furniture valuation.
  4. Furniture implementation lasts for about 4 weeks.